The Publishing House

Logo_Kolibris_BNKolibris was launched in October 2008, the brainchild of the Italian writer, translator and cultural operator Chiara De Luca. During her career, Ms De Luca has increasingly become aware of the need to set up a space for international cultural exchange that would provide wider horizons for writers from various countries to communicate across, and greater opportunities to share their creative work with others. Kolibris has created a wide network for writers of different nationalities to get into contact with each other, a network with a constantly evolving, heterogeneous editorial policy that will promote stimulating encounters and offer unprecedented opportunities for individual and collective growth. As a European platform for conceiving projects, developing them and carrying them into fruition, Kolibris serves as a space to which different experiences are brought together and where they are formed into a new, composite shape. Mindful of the central role that translation plays in the process of cultural integration and mutual growth through the exchange of ideas and content, Kolibris primarily publishes literary works from countries other than Italy in parallel text, taking the risk and assuming the honour of giving pride of place to poetry. The choice of works is solely based on a meticulous consideration of their literary quality and their interest from a broad-ranging international viewpoint. The editorial committee comprises a large group of highly qualified writers, university lecturers, translators and cultural operators, all of whom are specialists in their respective fields and who are already involved, either on their own or in a broader, institutional context, in promoting culture. Drawing on their unquestioned expertise, Kolibris is not just in the fortunate position of having sound advice but also benefits from a whole range of relevant suggestions, ideas, and proposals, a multicultural prism of artistic and intellectual abilities. The aim of Kolibris is to bring poetry to both literary specialists and a general public, while creating synergies between different art forms and exploiting the combined action of the newest forms of communication (social networks, web sites, newsletters, blogs) and of artistic contaminations (video -poetry and book trailers, poetry and music, poetry and visual art…). During the first four years of its activity, Kolibris has started 20 Poetry series, each of which is dedicated to a European or extra European country, and issued 100 poetry books the majority of which are bilingual issue of foreign contemporary poetry. Moreover, Kolibris has begun publishing narrative and essay writing.


While bringing poetry to people, creating new occasions for encounters, cultural exchanges, discussion, Kolibris also started

1) a course of editorial translation from English and French;

2) a poetry seminary;

3) a series of “meeting with the author”, ‘public events’ and book presentations

4) poetry competitions

5) Presentations and readings in bookshops and Universities and during happenings and literary meetings in Bologna, Genoa, Rome, Florence, Naples, Reggio Emilia, Parma, Venice, Trieste, Milan, Forlì, Duino, in Croatia and Slovenia and many others Italian cities…

Moreover, many Kolibris’ authors werere invited to the most important Italian Literary and Poetry festivals, among which are the San Benedetto del Tronto International Poetry Festival, the Genoa International Poetry Festival “Parole spalancate”, the Florence International Poetry festival “Voci lontane, voci sorelle”, the Bologna Poetry and Music Festival “Suoni”, the Riccione International Poetry Festival ParcoPoesia…